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LED display standard or custom?

Время публикации:2019-02-26 00:00

In recent years, the importance of standards in the LED display industry has become increasingly prominent, it is not only the product development, production standards and standardization, more industry system, standard development of standards. Not long ago by the Chinese Electronics Standardization Institute, the Ministry of industry and information technology of semiconductor lighting technology standards working group sponsored the 2017 review meeting of China electronic industry standard "and" LED products and application of national standards and industry standards review board and the seminar on the LED display through a number of "standard" and "GB" this also highlights the development and progress of China LED display industry standards and standardization.

"Three streams of enterprises to make products, first-class enterprises to do the standard", which is very popular in China's manufacturing industry is a statement, the core meaning is that enterprises only have the right to establish the standard, is a first-class enterprise, in order to remain invincible.

This is another LED display industry is also highly respected, but with the development of the industry, as well as changes in market direction, many standard products or programs do not seem to welcome in the terminal market, but is customized, personalized things can get a lot of terminal customers, customization has become a development trend of the industry. Of course, the creation of new customized wind outlet at the same time, the industry but also to bring a lot of trouble, for example, in recent years, with the popularity of customized terminal market, customized product specifications, variety, the market is not conducive to product management, and products in light pollution detection, bearing and other aspects hard to measure, hinder the product standardization process.

So many enterprises in the industry transformation and upgrading of the LED display enterprises and how to coordinate the contradiction between the two, in customization has been prevailing in the market environment, make yourself a first-class standard enterprise?

It's better to redefine standards than standards"

As we all know, the LED display industry's customized products or customized solutions, usually the manufacturers "open private mode", independent product R & D innovation, and then on-demand production.  Often this production is not available, of course, means that prices can not go down, naturally can not form a product market scale, let alone grasp the market product standard customization rights. As the industry said: "customized products, it is difficult to scale, because when your customized products to scale, then he does not belong to custom, but conventional products."......"

From the standardization of products, emphasis on product research and development, production standardization, from raw material supply to module application, and product size, brightness and so on need "standard"". Customized from the market demand of innovative products from manufacturers supply requirements of product standards, this seems to be the two opposite to each other, and in "shall according to the standard of research and development, production of tangle, rather than jump out, to make their products become the new industry product standards, product definition standard!


Адрес офиса в г.Шэньчжэнь: офис 1617, международное культурное здание, футянь Район, Шэньчжэнь



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